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Indian Troops in Ladakh : in response of chinese PLA

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Indian Troops in Ladakh

Indian Troops in Ladakh

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Indian Troops in Ladakh for counter of chinese pla. Altitudes in Ladakh range from High to Super High Altitude and the area experiences upto 40 feet of snow fall, after the month of November. Coupled with the wind chill factor, temperatures dips down to minus 30-40 degrees. In addition, road access also get affected for brief period of time. While PLA troops will weather the same punitive environment, better living conditions will give them an advantage over their Indian rivals, despite the latter’s superior experience in mountain warfare.

China on the Backfoot : India gives strong message to china.

• In order to ensure operational efficiency of troops deployed in winters, Indian Army has completed establishment of habitat facilities for all troops deployed in the sector. Troops In Eastern Ladakh Get Upgraded Living Facilities, Heated Tents . Temperatures have already dipped below minus-5 degrees Celsius in the upper reaches, and the Army is still procuring items for the thousands of troops deployed.

• Apart from the Smart camps with integrated facilities which have been built over the years, additional state of the art habitat with integrated arrangements for electricity, water, heating facilities, health and hygiene have been recently created to accommodate the troops.

• Troops in front line are accommodated in heated tents as per tactical considerations of their deployment. Indian Troops in Ladakh The new state-of-the-art accommodation includes power, water, and heating facilities that also cater to soldiers’ health and hygiene.

• In addition, adequate civil infrastructure has also been identified to cater for any emergent requirements. the entire battalion of approximately 900 troops, spread over multiple posts. India gives strong massage to his enemy including chines indians. In response to China’s actions, Indian troops ready for long haul in Ladakh. Fresh images coming out of Ladakh on Tuesday provided glimpses of the extraordinary effort being made by the military to support its high-altitude deployments in the sensitive sector.


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